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Entry Deadlines

08th January - 22nd January 2024
04th March - 18th March 2024
03rd June - 17th June 2024
23rd September - 07th October 2024

Decision Allocation Commitee

06th March 2024
08th May 2024
24th July 2024
27th November 2024

Immersive Audiovisual Content

Immersive audiovisual projects (e.g. narrative virtual reality or 360-degree content) that are produced in Bavaria with or without the participation of a broadcaster or a web platform can apply for project development and production funding. The funding is intended to help ensure that projects (with a focus on storytelling and experiences; no games) can be realized and presented on the market, even without the participation of a broadcaster. The support will be granted as a conditionally repayable loan and is aimed primarily at producers and filmmakers in Bavaria. Applications by pupils and students are excluded.

Project Development Immersive Audiovisual Content

A conditionally repayable, interest-free loan can be granted for the project development of VR formats. The loan can amount to up to 70% of the project development costs, but not more than 25,000 euros per project. If production support is granted for the project, the loan is credited against this amount. The applicant must make an appropriate contribution of his/her own.

Production of Immersive Audiovisual Content

A conditionally repayable interest-bearing loan may be granted for the production of VR formats. The loan can amount to up to 60% of the eligible production costs, but not more than 75,000 euros per project. The applicant must provide an appropriate contribution of his/her own, of which at least 2.5% must be own funds.

Bavaria Effect

In the case of project development, the amount of the support should be used as far as possible and in the case of production support, it should be used entirely in Bavaria. The Bavaria Effect and the shooting days specified by the producer in the application must at least be achieved and, in the event of a positive funding recommendation, become part of the loan agreement.


The application must be accompanied by the script, a calculation, a financing plan, proof of acquisition of the filming rights and a crew and cast list. Funding applications may be submitted for all four FFF funding meetings in one year exclusively via the online application portal. Before submitting an application, the responsible funding officer must be contacted by telephone or in person. Detailed information on submission can be found in the fact sheets Project Development and Production Immersive Audiovisual Content ("Merkblatt Projektenwicklung Immersive Audiovisuelle Inhalte" and "Merkblatt Produktion Immersive Audiovisuelle Inhalte").


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.

Application Portal


Max Permantier

Funding Executive Extended Realities (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), Production Web Series