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Games Funding

FFF Bayern's Games Funding supports the development of high-quality, culturally or educationally significant computer games. Furthermore, the aim of the Games Funding is to strengthen the Bavarian games industry, to ensure a diverse cultural landscape and to support innovations.

We have summarized the most important information about the funding for you here. You can find more detailed information in the Games Funding fact sheets and in the Games Funding Guidelines, which can be found in the download area below.

Funding recipients can be natural persons or legal entities or partnerships with legal capacity that develop or distribute digital games on a full-time and professional business basis. They must have their registered office, a business premise or a branch office in the Free State of Bavaria.

Please contact the responsible funding officers before submitting your application; they will be happy to advise you.

a)           Concept Development

Funding for the development of a game concept over four months with up to €20,000 for up-and-coming studios and up to €30,000 for experienced studios.

b)           Prototype Development

Funding for the development of a prototype with up to € 100,000 as a grant or up to € 200,000 as a conditionally repayable interest-free loan. The funding can amount to a maximum of 80% of the total budget in each case.

c)           Production

Funding for the production of a computer game with up to €500,000 (max. 50% of the total budget) as a conditionally repayable and interest-bearing loan.

Vision and Objective of the Game Guidelines (Section 1)

The vision of Bavarian Games Funding is now supplemented for the first time by a reference to the fact that special attention is given to supporting young talent. (Art. No. 1 sentence 4).


Specification of Funding Applicants and Requirements (Section 3)

More differentiated definition of funding applicants (natural or legal persons or partnerships with legal capacity).

Full-time students up to the completion of their bachelor's degree and high school students may not apply, nor may they assume managerial positions in a funded project.


Early Project Start possible at any time (Section. 4.2)

From the date of receipt of the funding application, an early start of the project (at the applicant's own risk) is automatically permitted.

This means that from this point on, in the event of subsequent funding, the (eligible) costs for the development and processing of the project can be recognized in the calculation.


Concept Funding adapted to differentiating market

Specifically-tailored concept funding and increased funding amount for experienced studios:

€20,000 for up-and-coming talent, i.e. teams that have not released more than one game so far.

€30.000 for experienced studios, i.e. teams that have already developed and released at least two games (Section 5.1.2).


Extension of Prototype Funding

Prototype funding will be differentiated and increased to include

  • up to €100,000, which will be disbursed as a grant and
  • up to €200,000, which will then be disbursed as a loan (Section. 5.2 ff)

A previously necessary separate justification for the higher level of funding will no longer be required in the future. Since up to 80% of the estimated development expenditure can be funded, the potential project budgets will increase from the previous level of €100,000 to between €125,000 and €250,000.


Clarification and Differentiation of Own Funds

Own funds are required for both prototype and production funding in the amount of 10 percent of eligible expenses.

BUT: A lower amount of own funds may be permitted for projects from up-and-coming talent (Section 5.2.2 resp. 5.3.3).


Introduction of the Item Flat-Rate Overheads

In future, flat-rate overhead costs in the amount of 10 % can be claimed (Sections 5.2.3 and 5.3.4).

This position does not need to be justified and automatically counts towards the Bavaria Effect.

Optionally, higher costs can still be claimed in this area, but these must be submitted with proof of usage.


Introduction of Performance Loans

For projects for which loans have already been repaid, a performance loan can additionally be requested for by writing to the management. (Section. 5.3.7).


Recognition of Self-Publishing Costs

If the game is self-published, costs for this can be recognized (Section 5.3.9).

Cumulation of state funding with federal funding is permissible.

Contact us!

More information about federal funding for computer game development from the BMWK can be found here.

Kontakt DLR Projektträger:


Hotline: +49 228 3821-1850

Applications may only be submitted via the FFF Bayern online portal.

Additionally, the application must be accompanied by the original signature of the authorized signatory and must be received by FFF Bayern no later than two working days after the respective deadline by midnight (as a scan by e-mail or as a letter). Applications received by the specified deadlines will automatically be included in the next session.

As of receipt of the application, early project start (at the applicant's own risk) is automatically permitted.

An overview of the funded games can be found in our funding database as well as in the annual reports of the FFF Bayern.


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.


Application Portal


Information Sheets, Entry Deadlines and Guidelines regarding Games funding can be downloaded here.


Joannis Xenakis

Funding Executive Digital Games, Concept Development, Prototype Development, Production

Thorsten Suckow

Funding Executive Digital Games, Concept Development, Prototype Development, Production