International Theatrical Feature and Series


at any time

Applications may be submitted at any time.

International Theatrical Features and Series

In accordance with Section 3 of the Guidelines for the Production of Theatrical Films and Series, applications for conditionally repayable interest-bearing loans may be submitted to FFF Bayern for the special program for International Co-Productions. Funding may amount to up to 30% of the eligible production costs. The maximum amount is 2 million euros. Producers with a registered office, branch office or place of business in Germany are eligible for funding. International co-productions require a German producer in order to apply for funding from FFF. In the case of theatrical feature films, at least one co-production partner must come from a non-German-speaking country. The feature films or series must be intended and suitable for international exploitation. Theatrical feature films must have a total production cost of at least 5 million euros. For series, the production costs per episode should be at least 1.2 million Euro (respective to 60 minutes length) or 20,000 Euro per minute for other lengths per episode.

In order to get access to the FFF Bayern - or any other national funding program - international productions require a German co-producer. A list of Bavarian co-production partners can be found here.



The application must be accompanied by a valid contract with a German distributor or a deal memo. In addition, the script, a calculation, a financing plan, proof of acquisition of the film rights as well as a crew and cast list must be enclosed.

Applications may be submitted at any time and may be submitted exclusively via the online application portal. Before submitting an application, the responsible funding officer must be contacted by telephone or in person. Detailed information on submission can be found in the guidelines for International Theatrical Features and Series.

A separate Special Committee for International Productions decides on the recommendations for the individual funding measures. The Special Committee for International Productions is chaired by the management of the FFF Bayern.

Processing of Funding Recommendations

All documents for further funding processing in the case of a funding recommendation (e.g. contracts, revenue statements) must also be submitted via the online application portal.

With regard to the eligibility to apply, Section 3.1 of the Award Guidelines, the following supplement shall apply: Funding for feature films or series may also be applied for by an executive producer (line producer) with a registered office, branch or place of business in Germany instead of a producer within the meaning of Section 3.1 of the Funding Guidelines. Applications for "Line Producer" funding must be coordinated in advance with FFF Bayern. The application and further processing in case of a funding recommendation are also only carried out via the online application portal.


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.

Application Portal


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