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Film Festival Funding

Since 2016, the Freestate of Bavaria has tasked FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH, together with the LfA Förderbank Bayern, with the funding of film festivals in Bavaria.


The aim of festival funding is to, among other things, ensure a state-wide provision of culturally valuable and/or entertaining theatrical feature films to the population of Bavaria. In the urban areas of Munich and Nuremberg, only flagship projects of extraordinary national/international significance are supported. In line with Bavarian funding principles, film festivals are defined as local, recurring events which, during a limited space of time, provide a curated program and accompanying side programs with the aim of reaching a wide audience. Recipients of the funding are the respective organizers of the festival.


Applications for festival funding may be submitted at any time. Before submitting your application, please contact the respective funding executive.


Birgit Bähr

Contact Funding Executive Film Theaters/Festivals/Location Funding