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Entry Deadlines

7 - 21 January 2019
11 - 25 March 2019
3 - 17 June 2019
26 August - 9 September 2019
28 October - 11 November 2019

Decision Allocation Commitee

27 February 2019
30 April 2019
24 July 2019
9 October 2019
11 December 2019

Young Talent Support

The support for up-and-coming young talent is a special form of production funding. It takes up upon finalization of a formal education and accompanies young talent in its first steps in the professional world. An annual budget of approx. 1,700,000 euros is available for productions by up-and-coming young talent. In the areas of graduation films, debut films, and combined graduation/debut films, only students and graduates who have participated in a major course of study in Direction or Production are eligible to submit applications.


Graduation Films

Graduation films by students of the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich) and the Macromedia University for Media and Communication in Munich may receive funding in the total amount of up to 600,000 euros annually, whereby the requested amount of funding by the HFF Munich for short and feature films is not to exceed 50,000 euros. The requested amount of funding by the Macromedia in Munich for short and feature films is not to exceed 25,000 euros per project. Applications must be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the respective university. Student practice films may not be funded.

Debut Films

Debut films by graduates of the HFF Munich and the Macromedia in Munich can be supported with a total amount of up to 850,000 euros annually. Funding applications for debut films must be submitted within five years of graduation. A copy of the final report card from the university must be submitted with the application.

Combined Graduation/Debut Films

In exceptional cases, combined graduation/debut films by students of the HFF Munich and the Macromedia in Munich may receive funding support. The maximum level of funding is not to exceed 150,000 euros

Other Young Talent Films

Talented young filmmakers who are not university students or did not study at a university may also receive financial support for debut films in the category “Other Young Talent Films”. The filmmakers must have completed high school or professional training and must have already gained experience in the film industry and may not be over 40 years of age. Filmmakers who are intending to study at a university may not receive funding in this area. For animation projects from relevant Bavarian universities, special rules apply (please consult the flyer for Young Talent Support).

Both feature and short films may receive funding, not to exceed 25,000 euros for short films and 30,000 euros for feature films. The total annual budget for Other Young Talent Films is 250,000 euros.

Applications for Young Talent support may be submitted five times per year.

Prior to application submission, it is mandatory to contact the respective funding executive. Detailed information on submitting applications is provided in the flyer Young Talent Support.


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.

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Information Sheets, Applications, Entry Deadlines and Guidelines regarding Young Talent Support can be downloaded here.

Contact Young Talent Support

Dr. Lisa Giehl

Funding Executive Young Talents, Low Budget Feature Films, International Affairs
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