Young Talents


Entry Deadlines

2nd January - 16th January 2023
6th March - 20th March 2023
5th June - 19th June 2023
25th September - 9. October 2023

Decision Allocation Commitee

1st March 2023
3rd May 2023
26th July 2023
22nd November 2023

Young Talents

The support of up-and-coming young talents is a special form of production funding. It starts where the training ends and the first steps into professional life take place. In total, around 2 million euros are available each year for the production of young talent. Only students and graduates of the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich) and the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Macromedia) who have completed a full course of studies in directing or production are eligible to apply in the areas of graduation films, debut films and combined graduation films/debut films. Student practice films are not eligible for funding.


Graduation Films

Graduation films by students of the HFF and Macromedia can be funded with a total amount of up to 850,000 euros per year, whereby the HFF application sum for short and feature films should not exceed 65,000 euros. Macromedia's application sum for short and feature films should not exceed 32,500 euros. The application must be accompanied by a confirmation from the respective university.

Debut Films

Debut films by graduates of the HFF and Macromedia can be funded with a total of up to 850,000 euros per year. At the time of application, the degree must not have been completed more than five years ago. The degree certificate of the respective university must be attached to the application.

Combined Graduation/ Debut Films

In exceptional cases, students of the HFF and Macromedia may receive support for combined graduation/debut feature films. The application amount should not exceed the funding amount of 150,000 euros.

Other Young Talent Films

Talented young filmmakers who are not studying or have not studied at a film academy can receive financial support for their first film projects in the category "Other Young Talent Films". The filmmakers must have completed school or vocational training, have relevant experience in a professional activity in the film industry and should not have reached the age of 40. Filmmakers who still intend to study at a film academy are not eligible. Special regulations apply to animation projects at relevant Bavarian universities (see information sheet on Young Talent Films ("Merkblatt Nachwuchsfilm")).

Funding can be provided for feature films and short films, whereby the application sum for short films should not exceed the funding sum of 25,000 euros and for feature films the sum of 30,000 euros. The total amount for Other Young Talent Films is up to 250,000 euros per year.

Bavaria Effect

At least 150% of the requested subsidy is to be spent in Bavaria. The Bavaria Effect and the shooting days specified by the producer in the application must at least be achieved and become part of the funding agreement in the case of a funding recommendation.


The application must be accompanied by the script, a calculation, a financing plan, proof of acquisition of the filming rights and a crew and cast list.

Applications for support for young filmmakers may be submitted for all four FFF funding meetings in one year exclusively via the online application portal. Before submitting an application, the responsible funding officer must be contacted by telephone or in person. Detailed information on submission can be found in the information sheet for Young Talent Films ("Merkblatt Nachwuchsfilm").

Bavarian Banking Fund

Guarantee model Bavarian Banking Fund

The Bavarian Banking Fund ("Bayerischer BankenFonds", BBF) assumes guarantees for productions by students and graduates of the HFF and Macromedia (graduation, debut and combined graduation/debut films that are co-produced by the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)) for the respective broadcaster participation (down payments) of BR. Applications with a broadcaster participation of up to 300,000 euros can be submitted. As remuneration for the assumption of the guarantee, 2% of the guarantee amount p.a. is charged over the term (value date of the 1st installment until the return of the guarantee by BR).

The completed and duly signed guarantee application and order must be submitted in duplicate on paper.


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.

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Christine Haupt

Funding Executive Young Talents, Production Feature Documentaries, Feature Films with a Maximum Budget of € 3 Million