Story Development


Entry Deadlines

2nd January - 16th January 2023
6th March - 20th March 2023
5th June - 19th June 2023
25th September - 9. October 2023

Decision Allocation Commitee

1st March 2023
3rd May 2023
26th July 2023
22nd November 2023

Story Development

For feature-length films and internationally marketable series, FFF Bayern supports the development of the screenplay or, in the case of a series, the screenplay for the first episode as well as the outlines for further episodes. Authors are eligible to apply if the material was developed by the author himself/herself or if the material was developed by a third party and the author has acquired the filming and exploitation rights. Producers with a registered office, branch or business premises in Bavaria are also eligible to apply if they intend to film the material themselves and it is material developed by the producer him/herself or material from a third party whose filming and exploitation rights the producer has acquired him/herself.

The standard subsidy rate for fictional theatrical films and series is 30,000 euros. For the development of filmable script for documentary films, including research, the standard subsidy rate is 20,000 euros.


Application Process

The application for fictional theatrical films must be accompanied by a treatment with the entire plot as well as an elaborated cinematic dialogue scene. The application for series must be accompanied by a series concept, a detailed treatment and a cinematic dialogue scene for the first episode as well as ideas for the further episodes, a meaningful exposé and a concept for the cinematic implementation. If the scriptwriter is the applicant, the application must also be accompanied by a declaration of intent from a producer based in Bavaria confirming his/her intention to realize the film project. Support for story development does not give rise to a legal claim to support for a film project based on the supported script.

Applications for story development funding may be submitted for all four FFF funding meetings in one year exclusively via the online application portal. Before submitting an application, the responsible funding officer must be contacted by telephone or in person. Detailed information on how to submit applications can be found in the information sheet on Story Development Funding ("Merkblatt Stoffentwicklung").


Dramaturgical consultation and script approval

The application for funding of dramaturgical advice and the application for acceptance of a project funded by the FFF Bayern in the development of the story must be submitted with the respective attachments via the online application portal.



Please use the online platform for submitting your application.


Application Portal


Information Sheets, Entry Deadlines and Guidelines regarding Story Development can be downloaded here.


Dr. Silvia Tiedtke

Funding Executive Project Development for Feature Films, Story Development for Feature Films and Series, Besonderer Kinderfilm