Info Sheets

Filming with small crews in Munich

When filming and photographing on public grounds in the City of Munich, no filming permit is required if all the listed conditions are fully met.


Filming with small crews in Passau

For film and photo shoots involving little effort on public ground in Passau, only a brief application to the Lord Mayor's office is required, provided that the requirements listed here are met.


Occupational safety standards for film productions

Covid Update: For the application of occupational health and safety, the professional association responsible for media professions, BG ETEM, has published a standard: The SARS-COV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standards Recommendations for Film Productions were last adapted to the current situation on 20.2.2023.


Salaries for crew members

Info about weekly and daily salaries for crew members in Germany.

Filming with minors

There are exemptions for artistic participation in events and productions, the summary and links to forms here.


RSA 21 certificate

When film productions interfere with road traffic by laying cables, using traffic cones, barriers, etc., the location manager needs a certificate as proof of the necessary knowledge. Here is a summary and recommendation.


Short term power supply lines

Info sheet about the services of the municipal utilities. A chance to reduce pollution and film greener instead!