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FFF supports three new projects for the international market

Simon Verhoeven is directing the story of Milli Vanilli, and Scanline VFX is involved in a feature film from Warner and a series from Disney+: The FFF Awards Committee for the Promotion of International Films and Series convened and recommended three projects for funding. The total funding amounts to 2.32 million euros.

Wiedemann & Berg’s next collaboration with writer-director Simon Verhoeven is in the making: The biopic Girl You Know It’s True tells the story of Milli Vanilli: With music producer Frank Farian, Milli Vanilli rises from out of nowhere to become the world’s most successful pop duo at the end of the 1980s. What their millions of fans don’t know: The two don’t actually sing themselves. When the truth comes to light at the height of their fame, the two stars look into the abyss and the world at the biggest scandal in music history. Most of the filming will take place in Bavaria. Information on the international co-production partners as well as cast and crew will be announced at a later date. The FFF is funding the feature film with 1.6 million euros.

A further 720,000 euros of FFF funding in the are of Line Producer Funding will go to a feature film from Warner and a series from Disney+; the Bavarian company Scanline VFX is involved in both.

FFF Supervisory Board Chairwoman and Digital Minister Judith Gerlach: “Life itself writes the best stories. Like the story about the meteoric rise of the disco-pop duo ‘Milli Vanilli’, which ended in one of the biggest scandals in pop history. Many can certainly still remember the headlines about it. This is the kind of story that the cinema needs. I am very happy that we can support this Bavarian production, which will also be shot mainly in Bavaria, through the FFF Bayern and I am already very excited about the film.”