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Entry Deadlines

7 - 21 January 2019
11 - 25 March 2019
3 - 17 June 2019
26 August - 9 September 2019
28 October - 11 November 2019

Decision Allocation Commitee

5 December 2018

27 February 2019
30 April 2019
24 July 2019
9 October 2019
11 December 2019

Television Funding

FFF supports the production of television films and series as well as web series and virtual reality projects.

The production of television films may be funded with up to 30% of the eligible production costs; the maximum funding amount is 600,000 euros. Funding is granted in the form of a conditionally repayable loan. Prerequisite for the application is proof of financial contribution by one or more television broadcasters, which should, as a general rule, amount to 60% of the production costs. Producers based in or with branch offices in Germany are eligible to file applications for funding.

Bavaria Effect

At least 150% of the loan amount granted must be spent in Bavaria. A higher “Bavaria Effect” must actually be produced if such in indicated in the funding application.

Equity Ratio and Equity Capital

The producer must provide a reasonable amount of personal resources for the financing. Equity capital (cash resources, bank loans) should amount to at least 5% of the calculated production costs: in the case of co-productions, in relation to the producer’s co-production share of the financing. Additionally, personal resources may take the form of deferred salary provisions, world sales guarantees, international pre-sales and third-party provisions (i.e. service providers) as contributions to the financing. For television films, profits of up to 7.5% may be calculated, however producer’s fees and transgression reserves may not be calculated among the production costs.

Funding Applications

Applications must include a screenplay, a calculation and a financing plan, as well as a list of cast and crew. Furthermore, a recoupment plan with representation of expected revenues from the international exploitation and national secondary exploitation following the first exploitation phase must be included.

Applications for production funding for television films may be submitted for all of the FFF Allocation Committee meetings throughout the year. Before submitting your application, please contact the respective funding executive.


Please use the online platform for submitting your application.

Application Portal


Information Sheets, Entry Deadlines and Guidelines regarding Television Funding can be downloaded here.


Gabriele Pfennigsdorf

Funding Executive Television Films, German-French Development Fonds
+49 (0) 89 - 544 602 - 21