The Film Commission Bayern is in constant contact with the Film Permit Office of the City of Munich, the Ministry of Health and other authorities issuing permits. This page is constantly updated and supplemented with regard to production-relevant information. This is done with all due care, but no guarantee or legal advice can be given.

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latest update August, 2nd 2021


In Bavaria, the measures to contain the Corona pandemic were adjusted and partially relaxed as of 7 June 2021. In the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance you will find currently applicable restrictions.

"Professional activities" are not affected by the contact restriction (§6 section 1) according to §6 section 3. According to our knowledge and multiple feedback from the StMGP, this also applies to professional filming activities.

For legally binding information, we urgently advise contacting the authorising authority directly.

Here is the current wording of the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance:

Thirteenth Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (13th BayIfSMV, in current form valid from June 7th 2021, German, will be replaced by an English version asap.)


Filming permits in Munich
At the present time, the Film Service Office continues to issue filming permits, special use permits and no-stopping zones for film shoots. Enclosed are the current regulations for filming in the city of Munich, which were developed after the first lockdown, in consultation with the Health Department, and are valid until further notice.

Due to the current Corona pandemic, the following must be observed when carrying out film and photo work:

  • The applicants or the productions have to work out a protection and hygiene concept in advance and present it to the responsible district administration authority upon request.
  • All participants must wear a mouth-nose covering. This does not apply to the actors during filming.
  • Scenes that require physical contact are to be reduced to a minimum.
  • The actors are requested to observe the appropriate hygiene measures. Changes to the script are to be accepted in cases of doubt.
  • It must be ensured that no bystander comes closer than 1.5 m to the production staff.
  • Accordingly, when choosing the filming location or selecting the base areas, care must be taken to ensure that an appropriate minimum distance from production participants is maintained along adjacent sidewalks and bike paths, even for uninvolved third parties.
  • There must be no accumulation of onlookers at the edge of the production. The licensee must ensure this within a radius of 10 m outside the production area. If necessary, special personnel must be deployed for this purpose.

Information and inquiries:

Service Office Film / MOR Munich
Phone: 089 233-39777


The Coronavirus Entry Regulations, dated July 30, 2021, uniformly regulate the registration, detection, and quarantine requirements, as well as the transportation ban from virus variant areas nationwide. 

Find here the Coronavirus entry regulation (only in German, will be updated soon)

Whats new:

  • Beginning August 1, 2021, all entrants - whether or not they have been in a high-risk area or virus variant area - will be required to have proof of non-existence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection (vaccination, test, recovery proof) upon entry.
  • High-risk areas will be designated in two categories beginning August 1, 2021: High Risk Areas and Virus Variant Areas. The category of "simple" risk areas will be eliminated.

An overwiew of the high risk areas and Virus Variant Areas regularly updated by the  RKI can be foung here.


Further links to quarantine and entry regulations:

But here you will find the most important questions and answers in english about digital entry registration, proof of arrival and entry quarantine.
Bundesgesundheitsministerium - Current information for travellers

General nationwide restrictions on entry were summarised in an easily understandable way by Lufthansa:
Lufthansa - Entry into Germany

For entry from (at least) a  high risk area, a digital registration on entry must be completed.

For business trips to the risk area or return trips from the risk area, the professional activity must be recorded "informally". A suitable template is provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.


General situation in Germany / social distancing / travel restrictions / quarantine 

Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions by the Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Community

For individual inquiries about entry requirements, please contact the relevant authority:

Munich city:

County of Munich:


COVID 19 GUIDANCE by BG ETEM - General information on the implementation of the SARS CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard here

(Guidelines for film productions by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile, electrical and media product sector BG ETEM)

SARS-CoV-2 Safety Guidelines issued by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs  here


Download Corona basic rules:

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Covid testing on set:

Die Coronatester (Munich and surroundings)

Corona-Teststelle (Munich and surroundings)


PCR tests in test centres (fee required, results after a few hours) (Munich, within 3 hrs) (Munich, within 6-8 hrs) (Munich Airport, outside the security area, within 3-6 hrs) (Nuremburg Airport, within 24-48 hrs)



Rapid tests

in pharmacies (throughout Bavaria incl. Munich)

Overview pharmacies with testing

Private Covid test centres (Munich only)


Frequently Asked Questions answered by the German  Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Health  here

Current information for travellers by the Federal Ministry of Health  here

FAQ regarding corona testing when travelling to Germany  here





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