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On set of Markus H. Rosenmuellers biopic "Trautmann"

The FFF Bayern visited the Set of Markus H. Rosenmuellers biopic Trautmann in Munich.

Trautmann is the first English-language feature film by multi-award winning German director Marcus H. Rosenmueller who also co-wrote the script.

The biopic is about one of the larger-than-life personas of European sport: Bert Trautmann, the former Nazi paratrooper, who became a hero as the world’s most famous goalkeeper of his time – not in his home country, but on the playing fields of his former enemy.

Rosenmueller has cast two internationally acclaimed up-and-coming stars, Germany’s David Kross as Bert Trautmann and Britain’s Freya Mayor, who plays the love of his life, the daughter of his English coach. John Henshaw, Gary Lewis, Harry Melling have recently joined the cast.

The film is produced by Robert Marciniak, Chris Curling and Steve Milne with Lieblingsfilm, Zephyr Films, British Film Company, Degeto Film, SquareOne Entertainment and Arri Media as co-financing partners. SquareOne will also release the film in German cinemas as its German Distributor. Degeto have secured the German Free-TV rights for the film.

Trautmann is also supported by FFF Bayern, FFA, DFFF, Bayerischer Banken Fonds, and Northern Ireland Screen.

On the picture: John Henshaw, Daniel Curio, Klaus Schaefer, David Kross, Freya Mavor, Marcus Hausham Rosenmüller, Nikolaus Prediger und Robert Marciniak