VR Creators' Lab - The future begins now

Filmmakers and creatives are able to apply for the VR Creators’ Lab in Munich by April 28th.

From July 17th to 21st, the training and development lab offers creative professionals a creative playground for VR and 360° film.

International Experts impart the newest level of knowledge regarding spatial narration. The 5-day training course offers hands-on workshops, expert sessions and mentored pressure cooking development, guided rapid prototyping and group sessions.

The creative environment allows participants to extend their technical skills as well as their psychologic knowledge and improve their team working competence.

The Lab addresses all professionals of the film and games sector, who already have some experience in VR and/or 360° film.

The VR Creators’ Lab is part of the Creative Europe MEDIA training initiative “VR Accelerator Europe”. It is organized by the Bavarian Film Centre Munich and led by Astrid Kahmke. Supporting institutions are the European Union – Creative Europe MEDIA and the Bavaria Studios.

Further Information is available here.