Entry deadlines

4. Sept - 18. Sept 2017
23. Oct - 6. Nov 2017

15. Jan - 29. Jan 2018
6. Mar - 19. Mar 2018
28. May - 11. June 2018
27. Aug - 10. Sept 2018
22. Oct - 5. Nov 2018



Dates of decision

18. October 2017
6. December 2017

7. March 2018
25. April 2018
18. Juli 2018
10. October 2018
5. December 2018


Dr. Lisa Giehl

Funding Executive Screenplay,
Project Development Feature Film,
International Affairs

Phone: 089 - 544 602 - 19
Fax: 089 - 544 602 - 21



A conditionally repayable, interest-free loan may be granted for the development of theatrical fiction feature film screenplays. Authors and producers are eligible to file applications. Authors are eligible if they are the creators of the story or are in possession of the film rights of the story. Producers with offices in Bavaria are eligible for stories which they have themselves developed or for which they have acquired the film rights of said story from a third party and will produce themselves.

The loan shall not exceed 30,000 Euros. The amount of support may be increased if the author can provide evidence of at least two filmed theatrical feature films or can furnish evidence of particularly high research expenditures or the expenditure of a dramatic consultant/coach. The loan may also be increased if the screenplay is also the basis for the creation of a trans-media storyline

For the development (including research) of treatments for complex documentary theatrical feature films conditionally repayable non-interest-bearing loans up to an amount of 10,000 Euros may be granted.

Constituent parts of the application must include: a treatment, an elaborated film scene order with dialogues, as well as a letter of production intent from a producer located in Bavaria. The treatment must include the entire story line of the screenplay to follow and should not exceed a maximum of 20 pages.

Application for screenplay support may be submitted throughout the year for all FFF allocation committee meetings. Please contact the responsible funding consultant either per telephone or personally prior to application submission.