Entry deadlines

2. Jan - 16. Jan 2017
6. Mar - 20. Mar 2017
15. May - 29. May 2017
4. Sept - 18. Sept 2017
23. Oct - 6. Nov 2017

Dates of Decision

22. February 2017
26. April 2017
5. July 2017
18. October 2017
6. December 2017



Project Development

Dr. Lisa Giehl

Funding Executive Screenplay,
Project Development Feature Film,
International Affairs

Phone: 089 - 544 602 - 19
Fax: 089 - 544 602 - 21



Gabriele Pfennigsdorf

Funding Executive Television,
German-French Funding Program

Phone +49 (0)89 - 544 602 - 11
Fax +49 (0)89 - 544 602 - 21


Prior to the actual production phase, producers can apply for funding for the project development of theatrical feature films and television films (including related, additional innovative digital narrative forms). The support is granted as a conditionally repayable; interest free loan. Up to 70% of the calculated production costs may be applied for, however this sum may not exceed 100,000 Euros per project. Producers with a registered office or branch office in Germany may apply.

In appropriate cases, multiple projects, including trans-media and innovative digital narrative forms, may be combined in an individual project development application (slate funding). In these cases, the maximum funding amount is 150,000 Euros.

The amount of the subsidy should be spent as much as possible in Bavaria. If the project is also granted production funding, the project development loan will offset this amount.

Constituent parts of the application must include: a screenplay or detailed treatment with elaborate scene order, including at least 25 % of the prepared dialogue, as well as the calculation of production preparation costs and a concept of implementation. Project development support does not guarantee a legal right of claim to further support funding.

Applications for project development support may be submitted throughout the year for all FFF allocation committee meetings. Please contact the responsible funding consultant either per telephone or personally prior to application submission.