Entry deadlines


10. October 2017

27. February 2018
26. June 2018
9. October 2018



Dates of decision

27. March 2018
24. July 2018
13. November 2018


Since 2009 game producers have access to public funding organised by FFF Bayern for the development (concept or prototype) and production of digital games under the condition that their project guarantees  high quality and a violentless approach. The budget esclusively reserved to games was 1.3 Mio € in 2017 and 1,8 Mio € in 2018.

A committee composed of highly experienced games representatives presided by the Head of the FFF Bayern decides three times a year about the allocation of the funds. Appliacations can only be made within two weeks prior to the deadline, which ends that day at 6 p.m. sharp. The deadlines are published on our website at the beginning of each year. Producers will know four weeks later whether their project has been funded.

HERE you can check out the variety of games which have been funded in recent years.

HERE you find a list of all game companies or studios which have received public funding by the FFF Bayern so far.