Special Funding Program for International Co-Productions

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Additional to the regular financing support from FFF Bayern, the Bavarian Goverment approved a special program for the financing of international co-productions for theatrical films and series.


- Conditionally repayable and interest-bearing loans may be granted for the production of International co-productions for theatrical films and series

 - At least one co-production partner must be from a country outside of the German speaking countries. 

- The theatrical films or series must be produced for and suitable for international exploitation.

- The German co-production share must be at least 50% for theatrical films and at least 30% (or 5 million euros) for series. 

- Theatrical films must have overall production costs of at least 5 million euros. 

- For series, the production costs per episode must be at least 1.2 million euros (with reference to 60 minutes of runtime) or 20,000 euros per minute for other runtimes per episode.

- A considerable part of the production and at least half of the shooting days must take place in Bavaria. Digital production is considered the same as a shooting day.

- The maximum funding amount is 2 million euros

- The production of theatrical films and series may receive funding of up to 30% of eligible production costs. Relevant for the calculation of the maximum funding ceiling is the German financing share or, in case this is higher, the German share of costs.

- The applicant must provide personal resources for the financing of the production, commensurate with his personal capital and cash resources. The private funds must amount to no less than 5%

- Applications may be submitted at any time.


For further information please check the Guidelines International Co-Productions or contact Nikolaus Prediger, Phone: ++ 49 89 544 602-12, E-Mail: nikolaus.prediger@fff-bayern.de