FilmFernsehFonds Bayern’s support of Bavarian film theaters contributes to the area-wide film cinema structure in Bavaria and assures programming quality in theaters in more provincial regions as well as in larger cities. Film theater support is based on the following three support measures:

Investments for Modernization and Improvement of Film Theaters

Within the framework of investment support, Bavarian film theater operators may apply for grants for the modernization and improvement and the new digital projection technologie of their film theaters. The grant can be up to 30%, or a maximum of EUR 50,000 (in the case of the establishment of new cinemas 80,000 Euros), of the eligible investment. Decisive for the actual grant sum is the annually calculated quota. Equity capital or external funds must be at least 20%. The investment project however may not have already begun or been undertaken upon application. Applications for investment support may be submitted annually up to the deadline of 30 June.

Application forms and the information sheet are available for download from the FFF homepage. Applications must be submitted in double copy.

Program Premiums for Commercial Film Theaters

Bavarian commercial theaters may apply for a program premium based on exceptional program quality. The criteria for the awarding include: high-quality and varied film program, percentage of German films on offer, percentage of children’s film on offer, as well as the percentage of highly-rated films on offer.  The premium award ceremony takes place rotationally in a Bavarian administrative region.