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Film Production Manual - Bavaria and Munich

The "Film Production Manual - Munich and Bavaria" presents practical and comprehensive information for producers and filmmakers looking to shoot in Bavaria. The expanded coverage of the book takes into account the increasing activities on location: this edition contains over 1,400 addresses for shooting permits, service providers, studios and other important production contacts.

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FFF Film Commission Bayern

The FFF Film Commission Bayern is a department of FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and your first contact point for questions regarding shooting and film infrastructure in Bavaria.The FFF Film Commission Bayern acts as a liaison between the film industry and local authorities for shooting permits.

Anja Metzger

Head of FFF Film Commission Bayern
phone: +49 89 544602-16
mail: anja.metzger@remove-this.fff-bayern.de

Lars Nitschke

Project Manager FFF Film Commission Bayern
phone: +49 89 544602-46
mail: lars.nitschke@fff-bayern.de

Veronika Barthelmess (derzeit in Elternzeit)

Project Manager FFF Film Commission Bayern
phone: +49 89 544602-46
mail: veronika.barthelmess@remove-this.fff-bayern.de



Filmkulisse Bayern - Shooting Location Bavaria / Moods

Here you´ll find a large quantity of interesting (public) locations in Bavaria including pictures and descriptions.

FFF Bayern Imagetrailer

Media Guide München Tourismus

Die Stadt München hat einen neuen Media Guide für die touristische Berichterstattung vor Ort eingerichtet.

Auf der Webseite finden Sie alle Informationen und Kontakte zum Thema touristische Berichterstattung in München. Die Ansprechpartner des Medienmanagements unterstützen Sie gerne bei der Einholung von Drehgenehmigungen sowie bei der Vermittlung von Pressekontakten und Interview-Partnern.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


Shooting Permits

Film and television recordings on public streets, routes and squares as well as in city buildings and areals require authorization. According to type and classification of the desired shoot, various city offices and departments are responsible for issuing shooting permits.

The following list should help to make the responsibilities of the city and state authorities more transparent.


Download also the Guideline Photo and Film shoots in Areas of Public Traffic


Bavarian Coproduction Partners

International productions require a German co-producer in order to get access to the German film funding system.

Please find here a list of international experienced Bavarian coproduction partners and their references.


Here you will find a portfolio with around 1,000 addresses for the Bavarian film industry and infrastructure.

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